Living Life to the Max

Max Hughes is a 12-year-old boy who has been diagnosed as mildly mentally “restricted,” (it is actually retarded, but remember that’s not a word anymore!) autistic, he has cerebral palsy, seizures, and he has ADHD.

Max’s story is a unique one because he happens to have a twin brother, Nick. For five years pediatricians and specialists told Max’s parents that he would have a learning disability, but that he would soon catch up to everyone his age and everything would be fine. Then after Max turned five the diagnoses started rolling in.

Although to anyone else it may seem as though this would be an impossible task, Max could not have a better family. Emily, Max’s mother, had another son, Teddy, and he and Nick have helped Max to grow and learn.

Max may be labeled with all of these disabilities, but according to Emily, “Max doesn’t know the word ‘never,'” and his strength has made him go beyond what doctors said he would be able to do.

Please watch the video above to learn more about Max and his incredible life and family!