Lost boy saved by four puppies


Kyle Camp, a 10-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, left his home in Hackleburg Alabama and walked into the woods. Kyle got lost and spent the night in the woods. When volunteers found him the next day he was huddled with four puppies who were keeping him warm.

This story combined a little boy with Down Syndrome and puppies- two things that tug on my heartstrings more than anything. You may cry, but this amazing story is worth it.


Special Olympics Golf Outing

All of these photos were taken during the Special Olympics Golf Skills class that happens every Tuesday in Chandler, Arizona at Bear Creek Golf Course. The participants range from teens to adults, but everyone has a great time learning to golf. They started out the day on a sand trap practicing chipping the ball over the trap. Next, the group went on to the driving range and they ended the day with a putting challenge.


Editor’s Note: To read more about this refer to my last blog post!

Tiger Woods ain’t got nothing on these kids

Tuesdays in late September are still in the high 90’s in Arizona, and Arizonians will still golf. But if you happened to be at Bear Creek Golf Course in Chandler, Arizona, on this specific Tuesday you would have seen a group of people on the course that were having more fun than everyone else.

The ages spread from teens to twenties, but they all helped each other and definitely were not afraid to speak their minds. They spent the late afternoon going from the sand trap to the driving range to the putting green.

These people meet everyday Tuesday for a few months for Special Olympics Golf Skills through the City of Chandler and Special Olympics. Many of the kids in involved in this have Autism, and some have Down Syndrome or another type of special need.

Any time you get a group of kids together some will lose focus and their attention span will become shorter and shorter, so naturally this happened at different times throughout the hour and a half. But there was something that sometimes doesn’t happen with kids, they all were there for each other to lend a hand or to give encouragement.

Evan (left) gets encouraging words from Maddie (right) when he gives up.

While the kids are having fun golfing they are learning as well. Their coordination is improving and they get to have time to be social with their friends.

Editor’s Note: Special Olympics has groups all over the United States and anyone can volunteer even if you have never worked with people with special needs before!

There is no such thing as “mentally retarded”

“You’re a retard.” People say this all the time, and many do not have malicious intent in saying it, but do you really know what you are saying? Do you know how it will effect my little brother who has Down Syndrome ? Probably not.

My brother Evan develops physically and mentally at a slower pace then the rest of us, but that does not mean he is any different than any of us. In fact, he is most likely better than most of us, myself especially. But maybe when you use this word you think you are just describing a situation or an action the you have deemed dumb, but this is not what the word means. Actually, as of 2010 the word does not really mean all that much.

My favorite person ever, my brother Evan and me

In 2010 President Barack Obama signed into legislation “Rosa’s Law,” which, according to President Obama, “…amends the language in all federal health, education and labor laws to remove that same phrase and instead refer to Americans living with an “intellectual disability.”

Obama explained in his speech that the law stems from a 9-year-old girl with Down Syndrome named Rosa who accomplished this same idea in her own state of Maryland.

Intellectual Disabilities are not limited just to Down Syndrome, but any disability that affects intellectual growth and function. These disabilities are not rare, they can be seen all over. According to the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities, “approximately 6.5 million Americans” have some sort of an intellectual disability.

This blog is inspired not only by Evan but by all of the other 6.5 million Americans who can and are doing amazing things. Everyone is different, these are the people who happen to not only be different but also amazing. These amazing people will come from the East Valley area of Arizona, and hopefully their stories can inspire you.

Editor’s Note: If you are looking for something more to do to help out in a cause related to this check out www.r-word.org, an organization that is dedicated to ending this word.