Walking for Special Needs

October is coming up soon which means Halloween, pumpkins, costumes, and more. But there are some other things coming up in October that may just top Halloween!

There are two walks that benefit different special needs organizations, and they are both on October 28 (I wish they weren’t the same day). Regardless of the need to choose between these two awesome organizations I hope you all do end up choosing to go to at least one, because these are great causes.

The first is Walk Now for Autism Speaks, held in Tempe, that will help to raise money toward research and better future for those with Autism.

The second is the Buddy Walk, held in Tucson, which promotes understanding and education about Down Syndrome.

We walk somewhere every single day, so why not take some time on Sunday, October 28 (Ask off of work NOW!) and walk for a reason. Nobody wants to walk alone, so grab some friends and make everyone come out to help some great causes.

P.S. You DO NOT need to know anyone with Autism or Down Syndrome or even know that much about either of them you just need an open mind and heart!