Disability Resource Center at ASU helps everyone to excel

Students are offered all kinds of accommodations though the DRC.

At Arizona State University there is a special place that is determined to help students succeed; all they have to do is ask.

The Disability Resource Center is that place. They are accesible to those only by request, and they will do whatever it takes to help.

I sat down with Lance Harrop, Director of the Downtown Disability Resource Center, and he told me all about what they do, why they do it and how it all comes together.

He told me that the center is all about meeting each individual student and finding what will work for them, “…working with faculty and staff to provide information, advise and guidance so that ASU will be accessible for everyone.”

The center is funded by ASU, so it is free for use to every and any student at ASU, and Harrop said that each student is met with “….on a case by case, class by class basis.”

No matter what disability the student has, from autism to having trouble paying attention in class, the center will find what works for that particular student and ensure that they receive that help.

“We’ll look at the impact of the disability…and then we will provide support services accordingly,” said Harrop.

The staff also consists of  ASU students who work as scribes, notetakers, in-class aides and more.

“I really love it there, everyone that comes in is so nice,” said Alyssa Holland, a receptionist and healthy lifestyles coaching major at ASU.

Many people may think that education ends after high school, but the Disability Resource Center proves differently by aiding those at ASU who need some extra help.


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