Celebrities Taking a Stand for their Special Kids

When you’re a celebrity your kids can be named after fruits, you can hang them off of balconies, and you can buy them one outfit that cost enough money to pay for a year of my tuition.

But sometimes when you’re a celebrity you can use your status to take a stand for your child and for others.

After Actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney Peete, a former NFL player found out that their son was diagnosed with autism they formed a foundation called HollyRod, in which they provide support to kids and their families.

Comedy actress Sally Phillips spoke about her son, Ollie, in an interview with the Daily Mail. Ollie was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Phillips calls him “a blessing” and explains that she loves her son no differently.

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker told the New York Daily News that she and tennis-star husband Andy Roddick want to adopt a child with an intellectual disability. The article explains that the actresses’ aunt was a Special Olympics athlete and is her inspiration.

These people that I mentioned are just some of those with a celebrity status that have used it to support people with special needs.

But being a celebrity isn’t a requirement to show support or to speak out or even to adopt a special needs child. You just have to have a big heart and a little patience would never hurt.

So before we start judging those ridiculous celebs let’s tip our hats to these ones and let them be our inspirations.


One thought on “Celebrities Taking a Stand for their Special Kids

  1. You are bringing up a very interesting point. I love to see when people use their power in a positive light; it gives me hope that people really want to improve the world. I feel that society needs to reevaluate it’s standards of popularity; fruit-named children do not deserve more attention than causes like these. Great post!

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